Jan 20

Facebook Fan Page Update

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Dec 12

How To Choose Your Favorite Survey Sites toEarn Extra Money

There are so many survey sites to choose from and it may seem overwhelming trying to pick which ones to work with. When you join and begin taking surveys, you will find out which ones you like or works best for your needs.  If you don’t like a particular site, you can easily opt out or unsubscribe when you get ready.  Don’t forget they are free.

A suggestion would be to join  three to five at a time, so you get the feel of each one. It takes patience. Most of them send daily surveys via email and others you have to log in or sign on to take the survey or activity provided,  in order to get paid. Keep a list or log,  include the minimum payout and your current points or dollar amount.  This will give you incentive to continue. You will feel especially encouraged once you receive a check, funds in your account or other incentive for taking the surveys.

Remember, you want to make EXTRA money to buy something special or just fill in the gaps.  Another good way to earn extra money is to refer people. This gives you extra points or monies in your account.

The survey sites on these pages will pay, some faster than others.  Whatever you do, do not go a long  time  (example: one week) without logging in.  There will be so many & most them of them will have expired. Try to set a schedule to do a little each day or  every other day  or two to three times a week. This way you can see yourself progressing. Just stick with it and be consistent.

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May 27

Earn Extra Money By Taking Email Invite Surveys

There are a some survey sites where you can make extra money by taking surveys but they are by email invite only. If you would like to join them, send your email address to: extramoneytakingsurveys@gmail.com .  They are free to join and easy to start taking surveys immediately. If you choose not to take the surveys any longer you may opt out at anytime without obligations. Some will also give you a sign up bonus. It cost nothing. It is worth the try.

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Mar 16

Mistakes That Will Make You Quit Taking Surveys

Many people give up or quit taking surveys for money because of the following reasons:

1. They failed to read the instructions.

2. They are impatient and want money to quickly.

3. They just don’t make or take the time to do it.

4.  They fail to realize, you can not get rich.

These reasons are the mistakes that will cause you to quit taking surveys. In order to avoid this happening; read the payouts and see how much you will be losing if you quit. The payout or incentive should give you a good reason to continue.

I will be listing  how to take each survey site individually and how to  gain the most from each.  I am a member of each website that I have on this blog. A majority of them have other incentives to make money other than surveys.  With a little patience and time, you can make extra money taking surveys online.

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Feb 28

The Best 15 Reasons To Take Paid Surveys Online at Home

You wonder why you should take paid surveys online. There are many reasons and one of these may fit you. Of course, you may have you own reason but, whatever it is it can be a positive move.

Here are the best 15 reasons to take surveys online for money at home:

1.  It is FREE to join and free to start taking surveys.  There is no fee or cost involved. Some of them have offers, but you don’t have to do those. As a matter of fact I would not not do them if you are not experienced or if you are not serious about ordering a product or service.

2. Make an extra income taking surveys.  This is not a get rich quick thing.  You still keep your job and bring in some extra cash.  You get paid to take surveys, opinions, panels, review  videos, watch TV, play games and more.

3. You can take surveys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Set you own hours or days when you want to work at surveys.

4. Get started now, the minute you finish reading this article. As you visit each survey site read the instructions or payouts for each.

5. Work from home, in your spare  time.

6. Get paid in money, gift  or cash certificates, sweepstakes  or prizes.

7. No skills or experience  required, just know how to work the basics on a computer.

8.  No selling at all.

9. Be your own boss. No time clock to punch or no one looking over your shoulder.  Take a break whenever you want to.

10. You have the option to do or not to do a survey. It is you choice. You can opt out at any time, no questions asked.

11. Forget about upfront of hidden fees, there are now.

12. Paid surveys can be a stress reliever.

13. They are fun to do and worry free. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake. Just be honest and truthful when you take the surveys.

14. You can take surveys as they send them to your email or you can visit the site.  Some of them you will have to visit the site.

15.  Be able to buy something you need or want, pay a bill, do something special for yourself with the extra money from taking surveys.

As a reminder, always set up a separate email to take surveys unless you want to be slammed with junk or spam mail.  Paid surveys are easy to do and they become faster to take, once you get the hang of it.  You can get started today by clicking  the “Make Extra Money Taking Suveys Sites Con’t”  tab above.

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Feb 14

General Overview of Making Extra Money Taking Surveys Online

Now, that you have done the preliminaries, you can start getting right down to making extra money taking surveys online. To begin,  I will try to help you through the basics of the each survey websites, so that you don’t lose interest or become frustrated.  If you are new at this, just have a little patience and it will become easier as you go along. Some of the sites are made of surveys only and some have other ways to make money in addition to surveys. Some of the other ways are through regular offers, 100% offers, games, polls, paid to click on ads, paid to watch TV, paid to watch videos, tasks, read emails, surf the internet, plus more. You may like a particular site more than the other but the ultimate goal, is to make extra money while doing something you like.

Surveys range from five minutes to sixty minutes ( fifteen minutes to thirty minutes is the usual).  The rewards generally range from a one dollar to a fifty dollar  payout and  are in the form of a check, Paypal, gift certificate, gift  or cash card. Other rewards are prizes and sweepstakes. Your winnings or earnings could be in accumulated points, which are converted to a monetary value for redemption.

If you are already online, why not get paid to do it or surf.  If you need extra money, why not get paid to take surveys or do some of  the other things  mentioned above.  Generally, speaking you may do this anytime of the day or night, seven days a week. You set your own hours.  There is no boss or supervisor looking over your shoulder. You can start and stop at your own pleasure. Your ability to make money depends on the time you put into it, just like any other  business, if you plan to be successful.



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Feb 06

Updating and Adding New Making Extra Money Survey Sites

As you become familiar with the survey sites, there will be more added. Each site that is posted has been taken by myself.  I want to make sure that you will enjoy and profit, too. When you take surveys, you will  become aware of of what each extra money survey site has to offer. You have a choice of  many different ways of getting paid.  Some of them are as follows:

Surveys for cash and prizes                                                               Playing games Tasks

View and click on ads                                                                         Polls and opinions

100% Free Offers                                                                               Watching Videos

Watching TV                                                                                         Playing games

Surveys vary in the time it takes to complete, so that you can get paid.  The reward varies from cash, prizes, sweepstakes, gift cards and many other valuable items or considerations.  The more you take them them, the  better and more experienced you will become. It is okay to start off with few in the beginning and then take as many as you can.  Don’t get so overwhelmed  that you become frustrated and give up. After all, you have a goal set for  yourself and that is to make money.



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Feb 02

How To Begin Taking Surveys To Make Extra Money

There are a some steps you must take before starting your surveys. This is a general overview.

1. Please, READ requirements, terms and conditions, payouts, FAQ’s and special instructions for each site.

2. There is usually one (1) account per household.

3. Most of them will give you a sign-up bonus.

4. Before you begin taking surveys it is best to to get a separate email, preferably gmail. Try to pick a short sign in name because you will be signing in often. If you don’t get a separate email, you will be getting a lot of  emails daily in addition to spam.  It is best to keep your personal email separate from your survey email.

5. The survey sites pay off in different ways. Payment may be by check, Paypal, Alert pay, gift cards, gifts, points or rewards. A majority of them use Paypal. It is best to set up a paypal account now, it is free ( go to Paypal.com).

6. Be prepared to give your name, address, birth date and sometimes phone number to join the many different survey sites. Always be honest when taking surveys and provide correct information.

7. Try to set time aside daily, if possible to work on your surveys in order to get paid. The time you spend, depends on how much you earn.

8. The minimum cash-out payment can range from $1.00 to $50.00 depending on which site you choose to work with. A few of them do require completion of offers before cashing out.

9. This may not be a step to you but you must have “patience.”   The more you do and the more you become familiar with the surveys, it will be easier and quicker. Make it fun.

10. Every time you log into your email,  make sure you check your spam mail for surveys email that may have been misdirected. Be sure to white-list your survey sites so that you don’t miss out on surveys, notices, cash and prizes.

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Jan 09

Welcome To Making Extra Money Taking Surveys Online!

Welcome to the start of making extra cash and prizes from home or where ever you choose. You can do this with a computer, little patience, honesty and spare time. You can continue working and with a focus on what you want to achieve, it will be easy.  Trying to meet today’s rising cost of living is sometimes difficult. By using these surveys as a back-up plan, it may help meet some of your needs. Due to the unemployment situation and some stay at home parents, this means of making money at home can easily fit into a daily schedule.  You have to make it up in your mind to get really serious and it will become fun once the cash and prizes start coming into your bank account or mail. It’s free to get started. I have joined all of the sites that I have I listed and so far they are paying.  I thought this would be a good way for someone like you to also get started making extra money without paying fees.  Remember, the sites are free to join.  Read the post on how to begin to make it more enjoyable. This is not a get-rich-quick site.

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